UP Tower work

Our workshop teams are capable of carrying out on tower repairing and retrofit work at the WTG site itself. Some of the jobs regularly done are given below

  • Replacement of High speed pinion, High speed bearing, Intermediate bearing with gearbox
  • Replacement of gear oil by using special pumping system from ground
  • Generator bearing replacement
  • Gearbox suspension replacement
  • Main Bearing Replacement in Gearbox for GE
  • Replacement of yaw gear unit bed bolts
  • Yaw brake servicing and replacement
  • UT test of Main shaft
  • Nose cone replacement in higher capacity turbines
  • Down Tower Work

    Repair of Foundation

    Wind turbine foundations suffer tremendous damage with passage of time by means of penetrating moistures through the foundation joints due to severe weathering. Besides if the foundation had an inherent flaw that was overlooked initially then it has to be attended immediately before it is too late to rectify.

    To identify the problem we do UV test and overcome these issues i.e. to rectify the affected foundation we adopt injection of special grout a technique to address honey-comb in concrete instead of laying new foundation. In other cases we use a special chemical/ resins, application to the surface which after curing, enables permanently elastic, joint less, water proofing which protects perfectly. It is reliable and long term solution for ailing foundations.

    Onsite Main Bearing replacement

    The company is carrying out main bearing replacement for megawatt class wind turbines in their work shop. This activity is not restricted to their workshop but also is extending the same service onsite across wind farms for manufacturers like GE depending on the number of replacements . This helps in reducing the down time thereby increasing the machine availability. The Company achieves onsite replacement activities with the help of their fully equipped mobile workshop by following all HSE norms as per OEM requirement.