Energy is the cornerstone of the very livelihood of all living beings as well as the ecosystem at large. Renewable energy offers clean energy that is pollution free, health friendly and even more importantly, sustainable. RSWindtech is committed to meeting global standards of the industry while aligning to the customer expectations with no compromise to core values and ethos.The scope of our service can be flexibly adapted to suit our customer's budget and need .

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and uphold our commitment to Mother Nature and community whom we serve and co-habit. Our work practices are environment friendly, safe and sustainable, always prioritizing conservation of resources in every activity. Standardised and approved procedures for the disposal of oil and other harmful waste, tree plantations, use of solar energy, rainwater harvesting and fuel/ water conservation efforts in our operations are some of the nature friendly exercises we strictly follow.
Safety is the fulcrum around which every operational activities of our company revolve, be it our manpower or the machines/equipmentwe handle. The thrust in safety starts from day one of an employee inducted into service through rigorous class room instructions and hands-on trainings at ground zero. Safety practices are monitored 24x7 and even minute violations are reviewed threadbare to prevent repetition of any such occurrence.
The safety team dedicated to the task is continuously in engagement with all departments on matters of safety and updating the top management directly.
The Company is adopting ISO 45001:2018 principles & standards for Occupational Health and Safety Management System..
The company mandates and provides safety, technical, and generic trainings for the growth and development of the employees on board. Well qualified experts conduct classroom and field trainings periodically.
Work at height being an unavoidable part of any job in the wind turbine industry, the company has focussed on being equipped with capabilities in imparting specialised professional trainings of various categories in this segment. Certified by Global Wind Organisation (GWO) as an authorised agency for providing different modules of trainings in basic safety including working at heights and basic technical, our company now offers the service to clients also besides conducting the trainings for our own employees.
The organisation is fully committed to abide by the laws of the land and shall uphold the state/central Government instructions and directives imposed from time to time. The company is also committed to the warrants of the international industry community in ethical business practices and shouldering corporate social responsibilities through various activities for the betterment of the society.
The readiness to shoulder corporate social responsibility is ingrained into the organizational culture. We generate and provide meaningful employment to the local community through our business. At least 50% of the manpower on our rolls are from our neighborhood. During natural calamities such as floods, Cyclones etc. our company/employees have often demonstrated solidarity with the affected community through voluntary contributions and recovery support. Likewise we join with agencies engaged in the welfare and betterment of the needy and marginalized citizens through various welfare programs.